Betty Page Inside

There was a time when He came up with names for the different parts of…me. Betty Page was one of them. She was open legs and open mouth. She loved her body and sharing it. She gave freely. She had a heart of gold and with a little giggle, all she wanted to do was to wrap her arms around your neck and grind her little wet panties into your hard aching cock.

Her expression was a soft open pair of lips that smiled as easily as she used them for pleasure. Your pleasure became hers and all she craved was to please. She wanted nothing, she needed nothing, she just loved being in her natural state: wet and turned on…and happy.

She’s my favorite part of me. She’s the part that listens to Daddy and can’t wait to please His cock and yours. She lives, absolutely lives, for sex. It’s her and everything that feels good in life to her. And without it, she suffers. She cries and hurts and longs for those moments of Daddy’s luv again.

Bettie is the magic in me. She’s the gift He gave me, by letting her out of the bottle. Giving her permission to stretch her arms and give herself to every cock and share it with Daddy. I swear I can breath again just remembering her.

I chose the picture above because it has her feel, her lingerie and, even though you can’t see that part of the picture…her smile. She was so fucking happy to give to Daddy. Not because she wanted anything…she was giving something. Her wet little pussy just offering Him what felt good, and what was naturally inside of her.

Long live Betty Page.


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