Peeing for Sir

I’ve been peeing and sending videos everyday to Sir. Yes, I’m still calling Him Sir. I’m a million miles away from even knowing what I wanted anymore. I’m just wrapped up tightly in His grip. I don’t question, I don’t consider, I don’t matter…I just do as He says. And there’s something comforting in that.

He told me to send the videos of every time I pee. It’s had so much more of an effect on me then I had thought. I had this memory of myself as a child dreaming of peeing but afraid because of being in my bed; I’d get yelled at. Yet, I can feel the excitement and pleasure in releasing it anyway. Feeling the warm piss surround my skin and how it turned me on…even as a child.

Is that where all this came from? How did He know it would affect me the way it did? Or is! Yesterday, there were workers here in my house. As I took the videos with my legs spread showing Him my hot piss…my god, it was overwhelming and I guess He sensed it from His reaction.

It lead up to a photo shoot I had with a girlfriend. She was amazing and we worked so well together. We weren’t at this home of her friend’s long before he and a few of his friends got home to watch the shoot. That changed the whole thing for me in such a hot way. As He said, ‘and audience and attention’. I really am an attention whore!

I snuggled up to the men and enjoyed every second of their attention. They enjoyed me, too. At the end of the shoot, I thanked the homeowner; he hugged me and didn’t seem to want to stop stroking my back and waist. I put my hand on my back, took his wrist and said that I needed to thank him properly. I lead him into his bedroom and he seemed quite happy that I was getting down on my knees to unbuckle his pants.

With his cock in my mouth, I could feel him relax and get hard. He was having fun but also nervous about his photographer friend; what would she think. So I pulled up his pants and told him we could finish another time. As we walked out, his friend came by the bathroom to piss leaving the door open so I could see…and I loved watching the piss shooting out of his cock. The owner told me to go take care of his friend and I did.

He shut the door and I got on my knees while he undid his buckle. I pulled his cock out of his underwear and swallowed as far as I could get it down my throat. This guy was more aggressive and liked pushing the back of my head down further onto him. Then he pulled me up by the elbows and moved me around and I bent forward waiting for my pussy to be impaled. He pulled the tie on my bathing suit and my tits fell forward out of the top. He grabbed my nipples and played with them, nice and erect.

I was definitely in the moment and enjoying every moment, but as always, my mind, heart and spirit are reaching out for Him. He told me something that day that took my breath away for a few seconds.

“No need to imagine, you know I’m everywhere, always watching”, He shared.

I’ve been so inside myself lately; as if a whole world is happening that no one knows about. When I read that, I felt myself get excited, like elated, but I pulled back from it. I let my pussy burn from it and felt how intense it affected me to be told He was watching; that He has this ability to ‘check in’ with me and just ‘know’ things. I pulled back from thinking too much. Of thinking it meant anything. It doesn’t. I’m just a slut in His eyes and feeling too much, wondering if it ‘means’ anything always shoots me in the foot. I recognized that feeling and just left it for a wet pussy. It’s all that’s acceptable now.

So as I was sucking this new guys much larger cock, I couldn’t wait to share it with Him. To show Him that His slut was in the moment enough for this all to unfold. And I swear, I have no idea how all of it happens the way it does, except to say it’s like magick. And that magick seems to follow Him.

The bigger cock slid in my pussy with ease; my pussy was drenched from sucking two cocks already. Bend over with his cock buried in me, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed in harder. He was rougher and I liked it. He bit my neck and I pulled away in protest. I can’t go home with that, but he found it funny and in a weird ‘getting caught’ kind of way I like the danger of it. I loved that he spread my legs and buried his mouth in my pussy too…fingering me, too. The light was so bright and I had some body issue moments there, but quickly jumped back into ‘fuck it…I’m being taken’ mode. God, I love that saying; it feels like the way an animal is taken from the wild or harvested for food. Being taken makes my pussy ache for more.

As the voices outside the bathroom got louder, I put his cock back in his pants and sent him out and started getting dressed. I had to get home now. But there was a knock on the door and I was naked. I just opened it up hearing another of the guys on the other side. This guy was drunk. He looked right at my tits and asked me to go in the bedroom with him. I sucked his cock, too. Drunk ain’t fun in this guys case though. When I decided it wasn’t worth the delay in going home, I left him there on the bed. As I was leaving he made some snide comment, but I didn’t care. At all.

It felt great to have three cocks use me and I text as much as I could going home. He reminded me that now I get to go home and be the good little wifey with my belly and pussy full of cum.

“And you get to think about me watching your little vids, stroking to my little whore”, he said and I literally felt my pussy twitch and pulse in excitement over His attention and being called His…no matter what label He choses to use on me.

The next morning was work and He was still sleeping. I still wrote and did videos of me peeing from the first that morning at home to inside a client’s house. Me spreading my legs wide and squirting into the toilet, then playing with my piss soaked pussy and erect nipples.

When I got home He said, “And now that you’re home, no more peeing unless I tell you you can”.

This was a whole new experience: being told I CAN’T pee. It’s insane how much I crave Him controlling every part of me. What He would be like in person…it’s just torture to me.  I gno He knows that. Maybe He just can’t give me that right now. It’s like a giant wall in front of me with Him; His health, His partner who lives with Him, my husband and children, a distance of 2000 miles and the ever present dilemma of whether He feels I’ve earned meeting Him.

Yet, He once said He was inches from coming to see me…He once said He loved me…He once said He wanted me…He once said, “Big Universe, Anything’s Possible”.





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