I know He knows
I’ve fallen again and I’m drowning in my lost
I caress, I coax, I lean, I bleed
And He walks miles ahead without turning
My job it is to catch up, to right the wrong, to see my fault
To see my deceiving myself in denial
Never He Never His eyes
I am fallible
I am fallible
I am so always fallible
Until I am not
Can you feel me as searching child?
I feel for Him in a motion of trust
That He knows what I can’t see
That He is what I must be
I fight and I flounder and lose my step
While He stays like a rock
solid and true, giver in you
Don’t give up please,
there is devotion more powerful than you ever could have known
She waits for you to hear the echo of her truth
Fallible yet in fallible, love breaks through.


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