Unexpected Fuck for the Day

Hubby’s friend was supposed to come by tomorrow to take measurements for the bathroom. He text me asking if I were home, and to be honest I almost didn’t answer him. I was imploding and just out of sorts, rushing back and forth getting ready, figuring I’ll just leave before he gets here. I was just in a mild crisis about not talking to Him for a few days. All the jealousy and other issues tearing holes in my brain and heart.

Then, it was like a pivot inside; I could feel this letting go. Like someone pulled the plug on this overzealous complainer inside me. And as that drained, I found myself fixing my hair, putting on makeup and putting on hotter panties. I shifted into gear. It’s amazing how all that shit falls away as soon as I feel I’m gonna get fucked.

I heard the knock on the door and this friend was walking up the stairs and as he got up the steps, grabbed me around the waist, kissed me deeply and then said he’s been waiting for this all day. He followed me into my bedroom and we both started stripping. I felt his cock through his underwear before he took them off and then got on my knees, slipped the underwear over his cock and swallowed him till I felt his balls tickle my lower lip. Ahhhh. It’s like cumming home for me. A release I have no words for.

I had to share it with Him. I had to. It’s like against my fucking religion or like breaking my arm this feeling of fucking someone and NOT sharing it. I promised Him, but it’s almost more than that: I am compelled to give that Man what He gave to me. He showed me this. It’s His. I’m His and I could feel that in that moment. No matter what. No matter the pain or my sadness or what I fucking want.

I grabbed my phone and told this friend I had to get this on video. He was thrilled and said, “Good. Then I can watch it later. Mmmm”. In that moment, I realized I had trepidation about whether to send the video to Him. There was a stubbornness for a moment; a clinging to this ‘I’m hurt and I’m right to feel that and I don’t want to share with Him’. And my body ignored my childish egotistical tantrum and I hit the red button.

I sucked hubby’s friend’s cock with vigor, and it was nice and hard and happy to feel my lips and tongue. Suddenly, the phone rang. There went the first video. Gone. It was Hubby. Oh fuck. Alright, calm and steady and think straight. I answered and said his friend had stopped by and lucky I cleaned the bathroom. I made some small talk, sensed slightly he wanted to say ‘you’re not fucking my friend are you?’ but didn’t and made some more small talk that felt like he believed it and hung up.

Mmmm, back to his friend’s cock. This time I got it on video: me saying how hot it felt to talk to hubby and then cum back and fuck his friend. Evil yes, but so fucking hot. Crazy, I never was this evil, but in a way I was more evil. I ignored hubby and was cruel to him in some very passive-aggressive ways. I had become almost asexual. Since all of this exploring with Him, he gets fucked and sucked almost nightly and certainly whenever he wants. I take care of his needs more: bring him coffee, breakfast, massage him more, remember to be kind and loving. I know you think that’s guilt, but it’s really more just feeling so good and getting what I need, that I attend to him more. Sometimes, I have to be reminded. He (Daddy…sorry, “Sir”)reminds me sometimes. That if I fulfill hubby’s needs it pays off in the end, and I get more of what I want from Him.

I climbed on this friend’s cock and bounced up and down so hard that he exploded very quickly into my dripping slutty cunt and all on video. Hitting send, I just wondered if I had made the best decision, but I realized that I didn’t care if it was going to “get me anything” with Him. It was exactly what I felt to do. It felt right. In fact, I hadn’t spoken to Him; He may not say anything at all.

After this friend left, I checked my phone and He had text! “Looks like someone is having fun”, he quipped. Somehow or another I didn’t blow it. I just relaxed and said how what had happened was in the moment, and suddenly He was playing with me. He told me that because of it…it brought me a nice wet pussy. Told me to rub my wet lil pussy through my panties, and as I did I could feel all the cum soaking them and my juices adding to the mixture from His excruciatingly hot words. They take hold of me every time.

I sent a couple of videos of me doing as He told me. I was moaning and panting so hard and holding back tears because I could feel how intense the release had been to get here. To give in even though I had struggled with it. The struggle was still there and it was adding to the torture and the deep need to give to Him and get His cock hard. No matter what I had been through.

So, when He said that I have to show Him because it gets His cock hard, every last bit of fight left me. I played with my tits and nipples for Him sent the videos. I squirt for Him as He told me to and sent that video too. It was heaven. Nothing…and I mean nothing means more to me than feeling that with Him.

He once said that the ultimate fetish for the submissive is pleasing her Dom. Above all. That pleasing Him IS the fetish. Took me long enough to get that. I get that. I feel that. And there’s peace.


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