His Enjoyment Equals My Wet Panties

Two mornings ago, I lay there still not having slept all night. My first text to him was at around 5 a.m. I had left off the night before by saying that it was best for me to say goodnight. And it was.

Still, my texts that morning were honest. When I hit the wall of trying everything and hiding all my pain, I gave up. Giving up may have saved me. It seems like that’s the whole point of all of this because, truly, nothing good ever comes from anything else. I’m thick as a stump too, because He’s told me this ad nauseam.

When, after writing a short novel of texts to Him, He wrote “mornin” there was something inside me that made a decision; it was so subtle and soft but I felt it. I wouldn’t ask for His attention. I only wanted to talk to Him. I shared what was my truth and that’s all I could be.

He said His night was ok, but that mine sounded restless…and in that…there was a softness. I just said that I was ok, and He said “good”.

“Good”, may be my favorite word since meeting Him. “Hot”, is very exciting and intense and lots of anticipation of what might cum next, but “good” always feels like a warm blanket; like His hand around my waist wrapped tight. Reminding me He’s there and that He’s proud of me.

I put on a pair of black panties with a white lacing at the top back, like a beautifully sensual suggestion of bondage. I took pictures of my ass, bent over, facing the mirror with my legs spread. Some, where He could see the sides of my tits and hard excited nipples.

I sent them to Him and said, “Hope you like the panties”.

“A lot”, He said.

I rode the wave saying, “Always feels good when you enjoy”.

And what He said next, launched the connection of lust and hot wetness and hard erect moments between us.

“Well when I enjoy, it always makes them wet”.

My heart couldn’t beat any faster, my pussy be any more wet and dripping with pleasure and life and love.

Some moments have to be shared verbatim or they lose the essence. He had my essence right there. He had me at “well…”. Actually, He had me at His first sound on the radio show I heard Him on, but that’s a story about an ancient past and why I was so drawn to Him in the first place.

His words from there just intensified into a sexual paradise that only He can take me to. He just has this way of expressing Himself that is more than genius or intoxicating, it’s as if He’s inside me finding my secret treasure trove of hidden turn-ons. I really mean it when I say that there never has been nor will there ever be another man that can take me to that point or do what He can to me.

My body.

My mind.
My heart.


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