Naked For Him

He told me to take my clothes off. His voice so warm and commanding. I listened.  He had never asked me to get naked before.  He enjoyed stockings, garters, panties and fancy small lace bras.

As wet as my lil pussy was by being told to take my clothes off, my mind took note. Naked. He asked me to take off ALL of my clothes.

I slowly, seductively slipped my bra strap over my shoulder biting my lower lip. Pulled both cups off of my nipples and cupped my fingers and palms over my new firm big tits. The tits He asked me to get to create the fucktoy He wanted me to be. The fucktoy He already knew I was.

Naked. I don’t think I’ve ever been naked in front of Him (on camera) before. Once I made Him a video called  “Naked…in every way”.

That’s making me cry. It was at a time He wasn’t speaking to me. I text Him nearly every day.  I begged and sent pictures and wrote my heart out to get Him to let me back into His heart.

I stood naked in that video to share all of me. No walls. Nothing I was holding back. Now with my legs spread wide fucking myself with my toy, all of me was His.

Thrusting the toy into my pussy and playing with my clit, dripping and panting I felt myself getting closer to cumming. Hearing Him say His cock was inside me…my whole body let go. It was the one image that always took me over. I grabbed the fabric of the chair I was on and could hear myself yelling out loud. I was cumming so hard and so long I couldn’t hold back the music cumming from my throat, if I tried.

I didn’t want to though. I wanted Him to hear what His voice, His attention and His deviant imagination could bring me to. It was a celebration that I had to shout out loud. I haven’t cum that hard in…wait, I hadn’t cum at all in so long that I just sucked up every glorious second of it.

Yes, naked in every way in front of Him. Nothing in my life feels like that.







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