Daddy’s Voice

Words like the softest kiss; a reminder of my deepest devotion to Him.  I know what I feel for Him. It’s a thousand years of emotional pull, and I’ll never stop being drawn under the wave of all of Him.

The sound of His voice can bring me to a state of euphoria and a pouring of the sweetest juices; it feels like I’ve always known it’s timbre, it’s rhythm…like hearing Daddy’s sweet words as a child.

When He brought the name “Daddy” together with His voice, I have never been able to let it go inside. No matter the pain, no matter the distance…His is the warmth of protection, the touch of attention and feeling of home that will haunt me forever.

As I lie back, legs spread wide for Daddy to see, the whole of me is wrapped in His view of who I am. What was never seen inside is open for His eyes, His heart and I become that because I must. Without hesitation or fear, I give every drop to Him.

I give every drop. All for Him.






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