Cravings for Cuffs

I am SO fucking bored! And I just got fucked! Hubby was lying on his back with me straddling him. “Ride me like a whore”, he said. Fuck this, I thought, jumped up off him and walked away.

I had just gotten off of Fet and a cop friend on there wrote: “Could not think of anything hotter then tossing you against a wall.. slapping some cuffs on you.. then forcing those luscious lips onto my rock hard cock while your arms are tied together behind your back… forcing it deep down your throat. My my”. Um, fuck yeah. That’s what I’m talking about!

That thought, that feeling of being taken by a cop, maybe in a cop car….or how about in jail afterwards and thrown to his cop friends to use like a piece of meat. Like a prostitute they just caught on the street and they’re getting their pleasure for free. My punishment and retribution to get out of jail free.

I wanted hubby to fuck me hard. To use me HARD! When I walked away I bent over the end of our bed with only my super tight thong panties on. I told him he was boring me and he better fuck me hard.

For a few seconds there he did and I felt some relief, but it wasn’t enough. I’m craving so much more. I’m craving even more than just meeting a stranger to suck their cock. I don’t want predictable anymore. I want to feel fear. I want to have no choice what’s happening next. Pain and force. I want things so out of my control that I can’t fucking think any longer.

So much is just trapped in my mind. Things I long to feel and experiences I’m dying to live.


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