Skype for Pay

Almost two years into this Alice In Wunderland kind of experience and I’m still wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes. One avenue I have given some thought to, due to His suggestion, is Skype for Pay.

I would like very much to find some clients who want a special connection on Skype. Going live for them and doing what they enjoy. Showing myself to them, dressing in ways that turn them on, being a slut for their pleasure. Telling them the intimate details of what I have experienced fucking other men while they stroke themselves in front of me.

Its getting me all wet and my nipples hard thinking about it. I could even make videos that would be personalized to their taste or theme or just using their name. It’s such a turn on, and I know He would love me to do it, too.

If that lights your mind up or stiffens your cock, then why not contact me? or sarah.bebefille on Skype. I’d love to meet you.


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