Ode to Pain

You lead down a path that opens to meadow, it’s filled with candies and treats. I follow and swallow and falter and hollow for taste of those forbidden sweets.

A place with party hats and fancy frilled panties and pretty bows for my hair. Springtime sweet springtime it’s too late forgotten, you’ve scraped your bare knees in despair.

Whisper my name and say it again you fade from halo to black, and back again back again like no gift was given I’m homeless and naked and shivering.

Orphans that claim no name they are empty so write your profanity deep in their skin, like pigs in the mud you will live in sweet pain and profess to your captor allegiance.

Wrists shackled so high to hold me restrain me its dreams like this one I breathe in, as smell of burnt leather cuts deep in my flesh ripping senses from any soft shelter.

No fight or flight or white flag surrender, I’d rather the bloody embrace. To prove in your presence with beauty and grace, I have what it takes to remember.


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