Garters and Stockings and Heels…oh my!

What is it exactly about vintage looking garters and cuban heel stockings that get me all hot and steamy? Putting them on is like a trigger to watering my pussy. As always it has to do with Him. He LOVES the whole pin up look and I LOVE wearing it for Him. He didn’t exactly introduce me to the look; I used to love it and the lingerie in my younger single days when I couldn’t get enough of vintage everything 20s, 30s and 40s.

He did, however, forever change my emotional and sensual connection to them. It started with a question: “Do you have a garter for those stockings you just bought”? Hence began my journey into the world of erotic vintage lingerie! I couldn’t wait to buy one He picked out.

Nothing makes me feel the warmth of His attention more than when He dresses me. To feel His eyes on me as if He is adorning a little doll that He is creating just to His liking and taste. I sink myself into moments like that and treasure every second of it.

As I hook on a garter behind my waist and slide a silky stocking up my thigh, I feel His influence on me. In me. I long to show Him what they look like on me and I imagine how it’s making Him feel.

Heels are another wonderful part of this erotic dressing for Him. A beautifully designed pair of platforms, very specific to His liking and in colors that are bright and bold. Panties are small and tight, sheer and lacy. Bras: sheer, small, balconette, or shelf. It’s intoxicating and I can’t get enough.

My experiences with men in my past have never been like this. Never felt like this. I picked out things I’d hope a boyfriend or husband would like….maybe. Maybe I was just pleasing myself with what I wore. Pleasing Him in this way feels beautiful….it makes me feel beautiful. For Him.

I’d love to hear if you have had the experience of dressing for someone or had a woman dress for you. How did it feel? Was it as hot for you as it is for me? Share a comment!



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