Submissive’s Calling

The Yellow Brick Road is a reference I use often. Something about Dorothy’s vulnerability and eventual self awareness and returning home to what truly brings her peace and happiness that feels comforting to me. It’s a journey of the spirit no different than the journey of a submissive as far as I can tell.

I find myself nervously biting my lip even writing that as if He’d remind me that I can call myself whatever I want…”it doesn’t make it so”. And He would if He were reading this. I’ve spoken to enough submissives to know that being told you are not a submissive by your Dominant happens; in my case, it happens a lot. I even feel guilt suggesting He is MY Dominant…another delusion He’d call it. I am delusional I guess, because I call that “tough love”.

I wrote a post titled, Dominants and Santa Claus, and Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss left me an extremely sweet comment. It’s the kind of comment only someone who’s been there could give; as if her heart understood and was rooting for me.

If I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s that some of the most amazing people live in a lifestyle you would never suspect them to be part of. Some of my deepest shame and fear has been of what others would think of me if they knew what I’ve been up to. Without a doubt, some people would live up to every nightmare I hold, but the comfort of people within the lifestyle (if that’s what one would call this calling) has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by this hopeful submissive.

Thank you, Molly…and thank you to all of the submissives (and Doms) that have offered a hand, a heart or an ear. I hope to pay that forward with love.



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