The Heat In Being Watched

I have lots of fetishes. Finding what makes me drip has been the real heat in this journey of self discovery, as He has called it. I may get many things heartbreakingly wrong, but thank goodness there are some things He actually says I get right. My need to give myself to men and be used by them with my whole self is one thing He said I always get right. You can’t even imagine how hot it got me to hear Him say that. And on some level it felt like getting a little gold star– like the ones I got from Mrs. Simon in third grade. She called me the “pokey puppy” but she was my favorite teacher and always seemed to care about me.

I do love to be used. Used and taken and treated like an absolute slut. To find a man who enjoys me being this way and especially one who doesn’t find issue in being watched. He enjoys me being with others, but He especially enjoys me showing Him.

I was to meet a guy I had connected with on Fet at a local hotel. Before I went He dressed me in something that had outdone anything I had worn before. It was a black shimmery over the bust corset pulled taut to accentuate my waist. My tits had just been done so I was told that they wouldn’t be played with but could be seen. So fucking hot being told what to do….my god. He chose black stockings and garter, a black little short slutty skirt and black heels. I wore my hair in pigtails for Him…because that’s what His baby girl should look like. He has impeccable taste and dresses woman in the most beautiful and sensual way. I felt adorned in his attention and love. I was dripping and hot even before I met the stranger at the hotel.

As I got upstairs in the hotel room with my stranger, I set up the phone so He could watch His slut fuck for Him. This stranger’s name was Jimmy and he was young and strong, handsome and very sweet. He seemed to totally enjoy being watched and talked to by an unknown man. It made the mood amazingly hot and fun.

I looked up to Him in the camera and asked what He wanted to see. He wanted His cock toy (found one with His exact dimensions to match His cock….the “golden cock” that I’ve never tasted or touched or even fully seen) used on me. Used on me HARD. Jimmy did what he was asked and used it on me with all His strength, impaling my cunt so hard I felt like I had to pee. Moaning like a whore, my pussy was squirting it’s juices and wetting the bed. I could tell that pleased both of them and it was amazingly hot and I felt so filled with release and joy and freedom from being a toy for His pleasure and Jimmy’s too.

I sucked Jimmy’s cock and fucked him until he came inside me. We all enjoyed ourselves, but I felt like something had been missing only I was too shy to say so. Jimmy had brought some restraints and punishment toys with him, but I found myself saying goodnight and just about to get on the elevator. He asked me if I enjoyed myself but sensed something was up. He suggested I go back and ask for what I wanted to experience. I wanted to be punished. Flogged for being such a slut. I was craving it.

When I knocked on the door it was as if Jimmy expected me, the way he was smiling. I asked if he would mind playing with some of his toys and he seemed as excited as I was. He put the collar around my neck and in that one placement I could already feel how much my body needed it, how wet it was making me to admit I wanted to feel pain and punishment. The wrist cuffs were put on me and then I was bent over while He told Jimmy to whip me. Knowing He was watching me, hearing His voice….imagining what it would feel like if it were Him whipping me, seeing Him in person; it was the closest I was going to get to being with Him.

Jimmy was amazing with flogging my ass. It stung just a bit, but truth be told I wanted it harder than I could admit to. Part of that is fear to go home with bruises, but god I wanted more and more. He told me to have Jimmy fuck me again with His cock toy and I squirt all over the bed again. I felt like a child showing a pretty picture she had made in showing Him the big wet spot on the bed.

It was one of the best moments I’ve shared with Him. He was happy. I felt happy that I had anything to do with that. Moments like that stay with me and comfort me no matter what else is going on. I hope you enjoyed sharing it with me.


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